About Us

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Who We Are

TechApplet, LLC is one of the proficient, internationally acclaimed and most trusted Software Development company. Our business core competency is the high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners worldwide. Our team of experts brings together more than a decade of hands-on experience in the Information Security and Data Protection fields. We have dealt numerous pleasant clients through our products and apps from all over the world.

We’ve developed reliable data leak prevention and privacy solutions based on reviving technologies, best techniques and sound business practices. We’ve categorized in product development field and produce ready to use packaged software to you. By and large, we cater Data-at-rest, Data-in-motion and Data-on-the-Fly security requirements. We made multiple digital solutions and security applications with love, integrity and agility. We are not a sales machine, still we hope to be your partners in innovation…

We always believe in diversity and inclusion and today, TechApplet has a global presence all over the world with an enviable lists of clients, partners and associates. As we turn our passion for innovation into opportunities for discovery and growth. So, start here to unlock the power of TechApplet software!

Mission Statement

Empower everyone to achieve reliable digital security with innovation. No matter, whether you are at home, office or on the go. We don’t meet expectations, we built!

Vision Statement

We have only one vision, to make the digital world more secure for everyone. In this digital era, we are totally dependent on the information stored on our computers and gadgets, and we want to make it safe for you. We understand and care for your privacy and security, just like you.